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The Company (“ICI”) is a member of the Hellenic Fund & Asset Management Association as well as Athens Stock Exchange listed. It enjoys tax and other benefits, due to its approved REIC status. It targets prime properties and actively manages its portfolio. The Company is governed by an experienced management team with proven high-return track record. It maintains low operating costs and long-term lease contracts with creditworthy tenants. Its portfolio proved to be immune to economic upheavals, exactly because it has been accumulated in times of crisis and currently comprises 36 properties, mainly located in Attica. In 2017 and 2018, a (net) dividend per share of €0.28 and €0.31 respectively was distributed. Each year, 75% of ICI’s annual profit is paid out to its Shareholders, at a minimum.

Acting as a “boutique” investment firm, ICI diligently analyzes every potential investment opportunity. Its first acquisition was completed in 2012, whilst from 2016 the Company is dynamically implementing its investment strategy. As a result, since June 2015, ICI has increased its building area by 128%, its property portfolio value by 80%, and its annualized rental income by 73%. In the first half of 2018, the Total Assets stood at €100mln, while the NAV per share was €6.58.