Remuneration Committee

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The Remuneration Committee ensures proper implementation and monitoring of the Remuneration Policy in accordance with the applicable regulations. The Committee comprises three members consisting of at least two non-executive Board members, one of which is independent. The President and the Committee members are appointed by the Board based on their skills and experience and their mandate may not exceed the mandate of the Board. The Remuneration Committee is constituted in such a way that enables the comparative and independent judgment upon remuneration policies and practices as well as incentives created in respect of risk management purposes. In the meetings of the Remuneration Committee shall be invited and participate members of the Board and any other member or expert whose presence is under Commission’s discretion. All the company’s personnel are required to be presented to the Committee upon request. In accomplishing its tasks, the Remuneration Committee shall regularly conduct meetings with the Management.

The Remuneration Committee is comprised by the following members:

  • Panagiota Halikias – Chairman of the Remuneration Committee, Vice Chairman & Executive Board Member
  • Michael Sapountzoglou (Committee Secretary) – Independent non-executive Member
  • George Georgopoulos (Committee Member) – Independent non-executive board Member