Audit Committee

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The Audit Committee is responsible for monitoring the processes related to financial reporting and the preparation of financial statements. All members of the Audit Committee are appointed by the General Assembly upon proposal of the Board of Directors and their mandate shall not exceed the mandate of the Board. The Audit Committee comprises a minimum of two non-executive members, with proven knowledge in accounting and auditing. To fulfill its purpose, the Audit Committee has the right to freely communicate with the management, the Internal Auditors and the Chartered Accountants and be able to investigate any matter arises, thus; having free access to all books and records, facilities and personnel within the company. In the meetings of the Committee shall be invited and participate members of the Board and any other member or expert whose presence is under Commission’s discretion.

All of the company’s personnel are required to be presented to the Committee upon request and to provide all possible information to fulfill its work. The Audit Company is comprised as follows:

  • Michael Sapountzoglou (Committee Chairman) – Independent non-executive Board member
  • Nikolaos Zerdes (Committee Secretary) – non-executive Board member
  • George Georgopoulos (Committee Member) – Independent non-executive Board member