Investment Committee

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The Investment Committee is the body responsible for formulating the Company’s investment strategy and reports directly to the Board of Directors. It comprises the following 3 members, appointed by the Board:
  • Evangelos J. Kontos, Chairman of the Investment Committee, & Executive Board Member
  • Aristidis Halikias, Secretary of the Investment Committee, & Executive Board Member
  • Panagiota Halikias,  Member of the Investment Committee, & Executive Board Member
Investment recommendations are made to the Committee by the Managing Director.
Indicatively, the Investment Committee has the following responsibilities :
  1. Formulation of the company’s investment strategy and allocation of its portfolio by use, geographical spread and lot size.
  2. Approval of new investments.
  3. Approval of disposals according to periodic reviews of the portfolio.
  4. Approval of cap.ex budgets and property refurbishments / upgrades.
  5. Preparation of annual investment targets and sources of funding.
  6. Setting of lease terms for new leases and lease renegotiations.
While making investment decisions, the following factors are taken into account :
  1. the quality of the occupational tenant.
  2. the quality of the property and the location.
  3. the level of rents passing as compared to general market rents in the specific area.
  4. potential for capital growth over the medium term.
  5. the appropriate timing of each investment / disinvestment.
  6. associated risks and ways to mitigate them.
  7. risk-weighted returns. IRR and RoE analysis.
  8. the impact of the investment / disposal on the short and long term financial results of the company.