We inform the investors that since the Annual General Assembly of 4/7/2017, where a new Board of Directors was elected and constituted in a body with its 4/7/2017 minutes, it remains as it has since then and it consists of eight members as follows:

1.Panagiotis – Aristidis Halikias, President – Executive Member,
2. Panagiota Halikia, Vice Chairman – Executive Member,
3. Marios Apostolinas, Chief Executive Officer – Executive Member,
4. Nikolaos Zerdes, Non-Executive Member,
5. Eleni Halikia, Non-Executive Member,
6. Georgios Georgopoulos, Independent Non-Executive Member,
7. Michael Sapountzoglou, Independent Non-Executive Member,
8. Guiseppe Gianno, Independent Non-Executive Member.

The term of the above Board of Directors is until 04-07-2022, automatically extended until the first Ordinary General Meeting to be convened within the first nine months of 2022 and not beyond the sixth year.

We also remind to the investors that since the Annual Ordinary General Meeting of 4/7/2017, the Audit Committee elected remains unchanged since then, has a 5-year mandate (following the term of the BoD), it is a three-member, consisting only of members of the Board of Directors and it has been constituted in a body and operates according to the provisions of article 44 of Law 4449/2017 as follows:

1.Michael Sapountzoglou, President
2. Nikolaos Zerdes, Secretary
3. Georgios Georgopoulos, Member

The members of the Commission have sufficient knowledge in which the Company operates, and Mr. Sapountzoglou Michael has sufficient knowledge in auditing and accounting.

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